Why Is Travel Good for Kids?

Traveling after children will never be the same as traveling before children. My previous vacations of cocktails and little black dresses turned into days filled with diapers and sippy cups.  It can be a bit hard adjusting to this change, but after it definitely gets better as my kids get older, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Do you like traveling with your kids? My husband and I have been away for one weekend by ourselves, but other than that, all of our vacations have included our children.  No matter how crasy it can get, it truly wouldn't feel the same without them.

Family travel enables you to make memories that will last a lifetime. When I was younger, my parents took my sisters and I on long car rides all over the Eastern U.S. We went to more museums, exhibits, festivals, and different cities than I can count. I really think it helped me have an appreciation for art and culture.  Even though I may not remember every little detail of each adventure we went on, these memories are part of who I am today.

Why is Travel Good For Kids?

I believe that travel is so important for children's development. When you're traveling as a family, you learn things that you couldn't learn from a book. You get to use all of your senses to explore a new environment. Kids learn about different ways of life, grow their communication skills, and experience things they never even dreamed about.  Plus, getting to see things from your children's perspective, for the first time, is a priceless experience.

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Why do YOU think travel is good for kids? Where is the coolest place you have taken your kids?  Do you have any favorite memories from your childhood?

Leave me a comment and let me know.